Дельфин Жаал

Дэлгэцнээ гарах: 2023.05.12
G | 90 мин ( 1цаг 30 мин )
Animation Adventure Fantasy Comedy
Найруулагч: Mohammad Kheyrandish
Зохиолч: Mohamed Hamedani Yana Kuzmina Mohammad Kheyrandish
Студио: SkyFrame
Dolphin Snowball rescues a little boy in the waves who survived a plane crash. Since then, friends, almost brothers, carelessly grow up together, exciting the marine life with their funny tricks. Until one day the peace of their joyful little world is destroyed by the evil Octopus. He banishes the boy to land, where he will have to learn to live among people and understand the secret of his origin.
  • Yuliya Rudina
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