Дэлгэцнээ гарах: 2020.10.23
G | 87 мин
Cape, an adventurous and curious kitten, lives in a high-rise apartment with his laidback father, Blanket. After hearing that his missing mother is in Peachtopia, a mythical paradise for cats, Cape leaves the safety of his apartment and sets off on a perilous journey to find her. Fearing the worst for his son, Blanket and his friend Mack, a talkative parrot, begin a journey of their own to save Cape and bring him back home. Along the way, they meet a colourful assortment of friends and foes, including angry dogs, sneaky raccoons, and a helpful monkey. The third feature from Beijing start-up Light Chaser Animation, “Cats” explores love, growth, and father-son relationships in a fun-filled adventure that can be enjoyed with the whole family.
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